COVID-19 Virus brought a worldwide pandemic!
COVID-19 Virus is a strain of the coronavirus family and accompanies symptoms such as fever and cough
to severe respiratory infections such as difficulty breathing and pneumonia.
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared an international public health emergency and announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic.
Prevent spread with quick diagnosis!
COVID-19 Virus has a faster rate of spreading compare to the existing SARS viruses.
Screening and isolation of the COVID-19 patients prove to be a good alternative for the Virus spread control.
Palogen provides the solution!
DX64 COVID-19 Test Chip, designed to accurately diagnose three main genes
in SARS-COV-2 Virus RNA in few seconds without using amplification or optical system.
Palogen suggests an accessible and fast test for everyone to get back to normal life.
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