Palogen is a world-class biotechnology company focusing on healthy and happy living.


Based on the industry’s first “Genomic Biosensor” that combines semiconductor technology and biotechnology, we provide an accurate, fast and portable smart healthcare platform.

CEO Message

  • Palogen is committed to the pursuit of health and human welfare.

    Palogen is dedicated to the research, development and quality improvement of the biomolecular genomic diagnosis industry especially in the early detection of various cancers.
    Please stay tuned as Palogen makes breakthroughs in the bio industy with the world's best technology.

    Thank you.

    Kyung Joon Han, CEO

    • Dr. Hanlee Ji, MD, Ph. D (Stanford Medical School)

      Bio sensor analog circuit and system chip (ASIC) manufacturing technology
    • Dr. Paul Conley, Managing Partner (Paladine Capital)

      DNA Synthesis & Sequencing Technology for Biosensor Platform
    • Dr. Song-Hyun Yang (Green Cross Labs)

      Bio-informatic Platform design and construction technology for genome detection / synthesis
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